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Our Vision

Each year, Familylinks directly serves more than 9,000 of our most vulnerable friends, loved ones and neighbors in western Pennsylvania. Our clients come to us because they’re dealing with any number of challenges: addiction, mental health issues, intellectual disability, family conflict, abuse or neglect, homelessness, or the difficulties presented when trying to remain independent while growing older.

Our vision is that all families and individuals in western Pennsylvania have the tools they need to be healthy, happy, and strong for life.

The ways we go about pursuing our vision are many.

For a woman in recovery from addiction, we provide a safe place to grow strong — with her children by her side. For a child with autism struggling to succeed at school, we provide a classroom that meets his needs and enables him to thrive. For a teenager with nowhere to stay, we provide a place to sleep and a chance to learn the skills needed to find a job and a permanent home.

Overcoming the challenges that are posed to our clients can be daunting. We recognize that we can’t simply make someone happy, or make them healthy – but we can help them along in their journey. The people who come to us for help show great strength and resilience. We simply help them find the tools they need in order to find their healthiest self.

Whether we’re helping the caregiver of an older parent find relief from the stress of everyday life, or teaching a family in conflict new ways to understand one another, we continue to pursue our mission: Familylinks provides integrated, family-centered services focused on behavioral, social and developmental health needs.