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Familylinks provides innovative, community-based, behavioral health care services. Focused on compassionate care and personal empowerment, we offer a variety of recovery options from mental health services to drug and alcohol treatment programs.

These services include outpatient support for children, teens, and adults living with chronic mental illness and substance use disorder, including an intensive outpatient program. Our programs are centered around the needs of each individual and are designed to deliver the right care for each unique circumstance. Our experienced team can help you overcome barriers, empower you to make healthy decisions, and reach your goals.

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Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 9:00 am.-2:00 pm and Tuesday, Thursday, 9:00 am-3:00 pm at 2644 Banksville Rd. Pittsburgh, PA 15216

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Despite having interventions at an early age, Ian continued to exhibit aggressive and oppositional behaviors, including hitting, kicking, pushing, and scratching his parents. By the time Ian was 9 years old, his parents acknowledged that they needed help and admitted they were apprehensive for fear that they would trigger more aggression from Ian.

Ian’s parents knew they needed help for their child and their family.

A Familylinks therapist worked with the parents and Ian separately to set expectations and outcomes. When the family came together, they learned that they were aligned on their goals. Ian would occasionally push the boundaries, but the parents were able to hold firm while still supporting their child. Over time, their relationship developed and they learned how to be a family again.

Ian now understood what his parents needed from him and his parents understood what Ian needed from them.

The family is communicating better than ever because they understand it is coming from a place of love, not fear.

Familylinks can help with early interventions.

Joan spent 5 months and 2 days at Familylinks inpatient residential facility to work through her substance use disorder. During that time, she had her ups and downs, but the staff was always there to support her and her 6-year-old child.

Without the constant care of the Familylinks staff, Joan knows she would not have made it through the program.

Among other things, a therapist worked with Joan to help her grow her parenting skills while in recovery. Through therapy, she found new ways of communicating with her child. As a result, their relationship is growing stronger all the time. While at Familylinks, Joan also focused on improving her mental, physical, and emotional health through exercise, yoga classes, and cooking classes.

Upon leaving the program, Joan felt healthy, focused, and ready for the next phase of life.